ProtoShare with cleaner HTML output

Many of our customers request usable HTML as an output from ProtoShare. Until now, our focus with ProtoShare has been functional, fast HTML. Our customers who use the HTML either use it as is, or as a place for developers to inspect code to determine styles and structure.

With the latest release we’ve taken two big steps toward making our HTML output more useful during your development process. First, we’ve separated the bulk of the JavaScript from the HTML code. Now when you look at ProtoShare HTML, you won’t see all the JavaScript clutter.

Additionally, we’ve added a ‘Format for readability’ checkbox on our HTML export. If you choose this option, ProtoShare will add indentation to make your HTML easier to scan and understand. As alway, you can add your own custom ID’s and classes to elements using the HTML markup section of the inspector.

The code isn’t perfect, and there are still artifacts in it necessary for ProtoShare to function, but we wanted to release this enhancement and hear what you have to say. We’re putting the call out to you to hear whether this code is useful to you, and what other enhancements you’re interested in. Send us examples of HTML with your ideal formatting and structure, or build us a prototype of how you would like to get useful HTML, CSS, and JavaScript out of ProtoShare. Check out the release notes for more information.

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