Happy Thanksgiving!

ProtoShare will be closed this week on Thursday and Friday the 27 & 28th of November 2013 for the Thanksgiving holiday. We hope you all have a safe and happy holiday. Happy Thanksgiving! The ProtoShare Team

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Business Superstar Features ProtoShare

ProtoShare was recently featured in Business Superstar’s article Talking Tech “The Next Big Thing? – ProtoShare for Drive,” by Phil Hall. Phil Hall interviewed ProtoShare’s CEO Bob Wiggins to learn about ProtoShare’s history and who should use the product. Find … Continue reading

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Anchor Links Tutorial

Anchor links allow you to navigate (or jump) to other locations on the same design. Creating anchor links in ProtoShare is a two step process. 1) Specify an ID (#id) in the Mark-up section of the Inspector of the target … Continue reading

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OneSpring Becomes First ProtoShare Certified Integration Partner

OneSpring LLC of Atlanta, Georgia has been selected as the first ProtoShare Certified Integration Partner. ProtoShare SaaS software helps customers create powerful, interactive prototypes for the design of websites and mobile applications. For customers who need more support in setting … Continue reading

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A Prototype is Worth a Thousand Words

We just came across a great little article by Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, on shortening the distance between talking about an idea and prototyping it.  See what you think: https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20131030164530-10842349-why-you-should-talk-less-and-do-more?_mSplash=1

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