OneSpring Becomes First ProtoShare Certified Integration Partner

OneSpring LLC of Atlanta, Georgia has been selected as the first ProtoShare Certified Integration Partner. ProtoShare SaaS software helps customers create powerful, interactive prototypes for the design of websites and mobile applications. For customers who need more support in setting up a complete visualization process, Site 9 has created the ProtoShare Certified Integration Partner program.

OneSpring helps clients adopt and utilize prototyping technology and has created their own unique process, which has been used on both complex commercial as well as federal government projects. They have expertise in user experience, front-end design, requirements definition, development, and training.

“We are really excited that OneSpring is our first Certified Integration Partner,” said Bob Wiggins, CEO of Site9. “We’ve spent time talking with OneSpring’s customers who rave about OneSpring and their process. At Site9, we are often asked for advice on how to adopt processes to maximize the value of ProtoShare. As a software company, we haven’t really been in a position to offer as much help as we would have liked. Now, with our relationship with OneSpring, we feel we can point our customers to a great resource for help. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with OneSpring,” Wiggins added.

“We’re delighted ProtoShare has selected OneSpring as their first Certified Integration Partner and look forward to growing the relationship,” said OneSpring CEO Jason Moccia. “Our consultants are well-versed in prototyping and ProtoShare’s technology really complements our offering.”

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