ProtoShare Review

We are excited and proud to share the following ProtoShare testimonial that was provided by Matt Perkins, Sales Manager at Artonic.

“ProtoShare is quite possibly one of the most brilliant tools I’ve ever worked with.  What makes it so ingenious is its simplicity.  It’s incredibly simple both from the developer side and the reviewer side.  As a result, it’s a great tool not only for developers, but also for sales staff.

I am not a web designer.  I’m not a developer, or an artist.  My background wasn’t in any of those areas.  I came from telecommunications to Artonic, a web design company, and one of the first things I was asked to do was dig into ProtoShare.   I was handed a link to the tutorials and a few minutes of training and that was it.  The most amazing thing was that I never felt like I fumbled with the tool.  The well-done and straight forward video tutorials made it extremely intuitive.

Many applications I have encountered over the years are cumbersome and overly technical, but not ProtoShare.  It’s also one of my strongest sales tools. When I give my clients the ability to make changes to their website layout in real-time, it sets us apart from our competition.  Then, when they can utilize the tool, regardless of technical abilities, it works doubly to emphasize the seamlessness of working with our agency.

I compare ProtoShare to an Apple device.  It’s that kind of tool – incredible power and complexity made to look simple and effortless.  If you’re looking for a tool to take your design firm, your application firm, or anything of that nature to the next level; download, test, and become a convert.  You, your team, and your clients will thank you.”

Matt Perkins
Sales Manager

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