ProtoShare 9.4 Release

We’re pleased to announce the release of ProtoShare 9.4 on Sunday, May 4th. ProtoShare 9.4 includes some of our most-requested features, as well as some bug fixes. To prepare for this release, we’re extending the maintenance period on Saturday, May … Continue reading

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Design and Development: Best Practices

You may enjoy this.

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Getting IE8 to Work with the Bootstrap CDN

I recently did some work to get the website of another Site9 product, Two Minute Mobile, looking right in IE8. To do that, I needed to get the so-called “RespondJS proxy” to work with the Bootstrap CDN. The Bootstrap docs … Continue reading

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Some Insight from Forrester Research

For those of you with access to Forrester Research reports, you may be interested in a report they just published called “Responsive Web Mockup and Prototyping Tools Can Help Repair the Design Development Rift.”  The report is also available here. … Continue reading

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6 Reasons To Use ProtoShare Even If You Can Code

There are some voices today who say you should skip prototyping and just start building. Particularly with frameworks such as Bootstrap, coding up responsive layouts is quicker than it was before these libraries were available.  While I’ll avoid saying ‘always’ … Continue reading

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