ProtoShare 9.4 Release

We’re pleased to announce the release of ProtoShare 9.4 on Sunday, May 4th. ProtoShare 9.4 includes some of our most-requested features, as well as some bug fixes.

To prepare for this release, we’re extending the maintenance period on Saturday, May 3rd to start at 7pm and end at midnight. (It normally runs from 10pm – 11pm.)

Here are some highlights of what’s new:

Copy Pages (and Designs) Between Projects

ProtoShare has always supported copying library items, like templates and masters, between projects. Now you can copy pages and designs between projects as well.

Copying pages works much like copying library items: Select “Import” from the “Page” menu, find the pages or designs you want to import, and drag them to your project.

Here’s a short video demonstrating this feature:

More Browsing Options in Review

When reviewing designs in ProtoShare, in addition to browsing active designs and browsing designs by name, there is a new option that combines the two. Using this new option, when you click a link from one page to another, you will see either the design with the same name, or if there isn’t one, the page’s active design.

Here is a (slightly longer) video which we hope will make this feature clear:

More Helpful Component Outline

As part of our efforts to make closing and re-opening designs as seamless as possible, the component outline now remembers which containers were expanded, and which were collapsed. Even if you don’t work with deeply-nested designs, using a few top-level containers to group your components into sections can make editing easier. Now when you re-open a design, you can pick up right where you left off.

Content Element Styling

The “Mark-up” section of the component inspector has gained a few new settings. The two existing fields, “#id” and “.class”, were renamed to “Wrapper #id” and “Wrapper .class”, since they apply to the component’s outer element. The new fields allow you to specify the id and class names for the component’s inner “content” element, like a Button component’s inner <button> element.

Small Changes and Bug Fixes

  • When viewing a design on an iOS device, hidden content would sometimes mask visible content.
  • Increasing a component’s font size via the spinner now starts at the correct size.
  • In the editor, you will be notified if another user takes editing control.

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