ProtoShare Comes from Portlandia

As many of you know, ProtoShare comes from Portland, Oregon. We’re proud of our hometown, but it does have its quirks.

Many of you may watch the IFC series Portlandia, which nicely makes fun of Portland (and, more broadly, hipster culture in general).

The latest entry into the “Keep Portland Weird” sweepstakes is a list in the local paper (which is no longer actually a paper most days, but that is another story) of the “Top 11 Things You Will Never Hear a Real Portlander Say“.

A few of the items are inside jokes (like number 5 on the service speed at a local group of brewpubs) or obscure sports references from the ’80s (like number 2, referring to the Trail Blazers’ drafting of Kentucky center Sam Bowie over, now-Hall of Famer and multiple product pitch-man, Michael Jordan.

I have a hunch many of these are not unique to Portland, but thought I’d pass them on to give you a sense for ProtoShare’s hometown.

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