ProtoShare 9.4.2 released Saturday July 5th, 2014.

We’ll be releasing ProtoShare 9.4.2 this coming Saturday July 5th.  As a point release, the updates aren’t major, but we think that there are some excellent ‘quality of life’ improvements in this release.

Rename function in Component Listing

First – we’ve added a ‘Rename’ function in the component listing.  Just right click a component in the component listing, choose rename, and you’ll be taken to the Component Name field in the inspector.  You’ve always been able to rename components using this inspector field, but as users pointed out, it was cumbersome to use, and really hard to discover.

Rename ProtoShare Component

Rename Component added to listing right-click menu.

ProtoShare rename components in the Inspector

Rename ProtoShare components in the Inspector


Expand/Collapse Inspector section with entire bar

In the Inspector, sections have always been expandable and collapsible using the tiny disclosure triangle.  To make things easier, we’ve made the entire section header bar clickable (except the help link ).

ProtoShare Inspector Section collapse with bar

Collapse Inspector Section with entire bar


Drag and Drop URL onto the ProtoShare Canvas

We’ve also changed the behavior of ProtoShare when you drag and drop an image URL from another website.  When you drag and drop a URL in ProtoShare 9.4.1, ProtoShare always creates an iframe component, and uses the dropped URL as the source.  This is true whether the URL was for a web page or an image.  With 9.4.2, if you drop a URL for a jpg, png, gif or svg image, ProtoShare will create an image component, using the dropped URL as the source of the image.  Here is a short video illustrating the change.


Bug Fixes

DE2026 – New state form allowed allowed state names that were too large to be saved (FIXED)
DE2024 – IE11 browser not handled properly, result in incorrect error messages (FIXED)
DE2020 – A user can delete their own user profile (FIXED)
DE1595 – Removing google analytics code from account could be inadvertently undone (FIXED)

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  1. Paul Barnes says:

    Just a note of some bugginess over this last week. Looks like our instance was upgraded but ever since, proto has been freezing up after a period of use and results in me having to restart the computer as whole desktop becomes unresponsive. Also, sometimes it just visually crashes completely and renders the page in a very muddled and mixed up way. This happens in all opened tabs of the browser even if not showing Proto content.

    The freezing seems to be triggered when scrolling ( using an Apple magic mouse on latest iMac in latest Google Chrome browser Version 35.0.1916.153 ) though can’t be 100%.

    Hope this helps.

    Paul Barnes
    D. Agency

    • Nick Jennings says:

      Hi Paul,

      There appears to be a known OS bug with using Magic Mouse on Mavericks when trying to scroll in browsers. Most people seem to encounter it in Chrome, so you may want to try Firefox.

      A popular fix appears to be enable Scroll with Inertia (found in Preferences > Accessibility > Mouse). For more possible fixes and workarounds, you can check out the discussion on the Apple Forums:

      Revised Edit: We’ve been unable to reproduce this issue on the latest version of Mavericks (10.9.3). We would recommend upgrading your system as it appears to solve the problem. If you’re on the latest version and still have the problem, please let us know.

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