Low Fidelity Prototypes

Here at ProtoShare we’re fans of the agile methodology and advocate for designing early and iterating often. I came across a great write up on low fidelity prototyping that was posted on Smashing Magazine. Here’s a quick excerpt:

Have you ever overspent resources in a rush or accomplished too little for being a perfectionist? Low-fidelity prototyping helps us to find the middle ground between overspending and overthinking, between too little investment and too much user validation. By building a practical, preliminary version of your product, you will catch potential problems and promising insights faster and earlier in the process.

We definitely agree that starting with low fidelity designs and working your way towards the end look is the best process. Especially when you consider time spent on creating high fidelity designs that may require re-work. The article offers some additional insight into the advantages of low fidelity prototyping and the quick start guide at the end may be particularly useful for those new to the ideology.

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