ProtoShare 9.4.4 releasing on October 12th

We’re happy to announce the release of ProtoShare 9.4.4 on Sunday, October 12th.  9.4.4 is a small release with bug fixes and a couple of nice new features.

Add attachments to Topics in Review

Adding attachments to comments in ProtoShare

Add With Attachment in ProtoShare Review

Users, including Reviewers, can now respond to topics in ProtoShare Review with an attachment.  The attachment can be any type – image, Word, PDF, Photoshop file etc.  This has been a top request from many customers who use ProtoShare to collaboratively gather content for their projects.

To add an attachment to a topic, use the ‘Add With Attachment’ button found in review in the comment panel in the lower right corner of your window.  The comment will include a link to the file that any user can click to view or download the attachment.

ProtoShare User Attachments

For Editors, all documents attached to topics can be accessed in the ‘Library’ tab of the ProtoShare Editor.  Attachments are stored in a folder called ‘From Review’ in a sub-folder with the name of the User who uploaded it.

Mass Topic Administration

Company Manager level users can also Archive, Delete and Resolve Topics in Review.  Customers had requested an easier way to streamline the administration of large numbers of review topics.  Previously, only an ‘Owner’ of a topic could Archive, Delete or Resolve Topics.  With 9.4.4, Company Manger level users can perform these actions in addition to Topic owners.

Bold and Italic Buttons in Quick Inspector

Bold and Italic Buttons

Screen Guide Support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+

Screen Guides for iPhone 6 and 6+

Bug Fixes

Pages or designs that are in the trash now show a warning message if they are linked into an active prototype.

Duplicating designs could potentially result in a description that is too long to be saved. This behavior has been fixed to make sure the description does not exceed the maximum length.

Resolved issues with placeholder images in Internet Explorer.

Removed rounded corners from Flash Movie component in Palette to prevent display issues.


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