Use Google Material Design Icons (or any icons!) in ProtoShare

Google just released a really nice set of icons that you can use for your mobile designs and websites – the Google Material Design Icon set.  You can see a preview of the Icons as SVG here, and you can download the entire set here.  These icons are the icons featured in the Google Material Design specification.

Did you know you can use these icons, as SVG or PNG in ProtoShare just by dragging and dropping them onto your canvas?  This quick video shows using Google’s icon preview, as well as how to use the icons if you’ve downloaded the source.  And this isn’t just limited to Google’s Icons.  Any icon set that you have on your computer or online, you can just drag and drop the images (svg, png, jpg or gif) onto your ProtoShare canvas.

For your convenience, we’ve added these icons to our stencil library.

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