Guide: Make a pop up!

Create a pop up in ProtoShare in four steps:



1) Set up your components

a) An original component that will “trigger” the interaction

b) A pop up component that will become visible/hidden

2) Create a State with 2 values

a) Two values are necessary because the first value will be tied to when the pop up component is hidden and the second value will be tied to when the pop up component is visible.

3) Tie up loose ends by setting each component’s Action and Visibility settings

a) The trigger component needs to have an Action set up, like On Click –> Activate State Value 2

b) The pop up component needs to have a Visibility setting, such as Visible only when: State Value 2 is active

c) State Value 1 is associated with the pop up component being hidden by default

4) Test the interaction

a) In Test Mode, the pop up component should remain hidden until the specified action (On Hover, On Click, etc.) is performed on the trigger component.

I’ve created an interactive guide using ProtoShare to help illustrate the above mentioned steps. Click here or the image below to view the guide:

Interactive Pop Up Guide

Click the image to view the interactive pop up guide






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