ProtoShare 9.4.5 releasing on January 10th

We’ll be releasing ProtoShare 9.4.5 this Saturday, January 10th.

Features this release are:

Design Settings Panel

We’ve updated the ‘template’ panel in the inspector to include other design settings.  This provides an easier, more visible way to edit design settings.

ProtoShare Design Settings

Design Settings

Design Settings Panel Detail

In addition to adding existing attributes to the design settings panel, we’ve also added several new settings:

  • Page background color:  You can now set a background color for a given design.  You can set backgrounds on templates as well, which will be applied to designs using the colored template.
  • Custom Screen Guides:  In addition to the available pre-set screen guides, you can now choose custom guides to add any dimension screen guide to your design.
  • Minimum Width and Minimum Height:  In ProtoShare, the design canvas will expand to accomodate the size of your design.  To add an item ‘below the fold’ on a design required dragging objects and scrolling the screen size, which we heard from our users was a cumbersome experience.  You can now set a minimum height and a minimum width for a design to force the design to have the dimensions you want.

Color Picker with Recently Used Colors

Recently Used Colors

 We’ve also added a ‘Recently Used Colors’ section to our color picker. This will track your 10 most recently used colors, including custom colors that you enter using the design inspector.

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