Ode to the Hamburger

I’ve had mixed feelings about the ‘Hamburger’ menu used on Mobile.  I tend to not see them.  If I’m lost, however, I will seek them out. They feel like an idiom that is not quite fully ingrained.  I think they’re … Continue reading

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Anchor Links in ProtoShare

Anchor links allow you to navigate (or jump) to other locations on the same design. Creating anchor links in ProtoShare is a two step process. 1) Specify an ID (#id) in the Mark-up section of the Inspector of the target … Continue reading

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Design With People, Not For Them

Interesting article about ego and designers from hongkiat – I love the sentence “Designing with the people you and your clients want to reach, rather than for them, is key.”  When you’re able to make collaboration work to get everyone … Continue reading

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