The Golden Ratio

Interesting article about the Golden Ratio use in design, asserting that the whole thing is a myth:  Article Here.  I’ve been reading ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ by Daniel Kahneman which talks a lot about inherent biases in human decision making, and Kahneman’s ideas really resonated when reading the article about the Golden Ratio.  The short of it is that human beings love to create stories and narratives, and as long as the narratives ‘feel’ right, we’ll have a high level of confidence in them whether or not they are true.  All of this leads me back to the importance of getting your ideas out of your head, making them concrete, and then validating and testing.  This is how we and our customers use ProtoShare, and while we probably still fall victim to our own biases, watching users interact with your ideas can really help you base your decisions on stronger, valid evidence.  Enjoy the articles!

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