ProtoShare 9.5.1 releasing on November 10th

We’re happy to announce the release of ProtoShare 9.5.1, scheduled for Saturday, November 10th.

This release contains feature requests and bug fixes.

Design Approval

Designs can now be set asĀ Approved. This prevents new topics from being created in review. Actions can still be taken on existing topics attached to a design.

Stateful Slider/Range

Slider/range inputs can now be used to control, or be controlled by, states. Min and max will be set automatically based on the number of values in a state. Native browser appearance will be followed. Existing sliders will not be migrated and will continue to function as they previously did. To utilize a new slider, simply bring one to the canvas from the component palette.

Fully Searchable Project Style Sheet

You can now search a project style sheet completely. Previously, native browser search (Ctrl-F) would only function in the visible portion of the style sheet. A search field is now provided that will search the entire contents of the panel.

Minor Changes

Closeable Mobile Device Warning

The yellow warning box that appears when opening a design set as mobile can now be dismissed. This setting is not saved and will reset the next to the design is loaded.

Editor Toolbar Items Accessible On Lower Resolution Screens

On smaller screens, not all items of the design toolbar are accessible. A toggle button is now available that allows access to the hidden options.

State Picker Scrolling

The state picker, which is used to choose states for component events can now be scrolled using the mouse-wheel.

Line-Height Added To Editor Toolbar

The ability to set line-height for text components is now accessible in the editor toolbar.

Collapsible Export And Topic Inspector Panels

The export and topic inspector panels now have collapsible sections to accommodate users on low resolution screens.

Bug Fixes

  • Deleting master from library doesn’t refresh open design tabs.
  • Fixed position components ignore template child content offset.
  • Remove user icon missing from design properties panel.
  • Non-Latin characters in asset names cause issues.
  • “Convert To Text” button in properties panel has internal border.
  • Reload button on error messages doesn’t bypass browser cache.

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